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Ladies and Gentlemen,

FREE-STYLE-MIX is a small team of experts, who are specialized in working without scaffoldings and platforms. The company was founded in 1994 and commercial references are already available.

In addition to our cleaning, building and installation work we are also engaged in the conservation and sanitation of various buildings, e.g. soil protection (caused by pigeons) at train stations, gutter cleaning and repair, cleaning of facings, maintenance of churches, towers, chimneys etc.

The basis of our business is the combination of rope devices, such as used by athletes and rescue teams in skiing areas. This technology guarantees a high flexibility and almost unlimited possibilities with a maximum of safety.

The easy handling of this technic makes us very quickly available, which is in case of damage assessment and its limitation to our customer’s advantage.

Our working procedures, which save your property and environment, are well-known all over Germany.

As a special service for promoters and owners of fitness clubs we are providing climbing walls for Holidy Resorts, sports organizations and private climbing halls.

This helps you to offer to your customers in the holiday areas an extraordinary and exciting sports facility.

A test trial in various european holiday areas has met the most favourable response to this kind of unusual sport.

Please take advantage of our achievement and experience.

We hope that we have attracted your attention with this general information about FREE-STYLE-MIX.

Best regards

Stephen Guse